How Landscape Lighting Improves a Home’s Curb Appeal

When driving down a nice street in any neighborhood, most people take notice of homes that have put time, money, and effort into their outdoor lighting. Not only does quality landscape lighting highlight the home, but the landscape features as well.

Thanks to all the benefits that modern horticultural lighting offers, many homeowners want this for their own property. Ensuring amazing curb appeal is not as difficult as many people think. While the daytime curb appeal may be sufficient, if there’s no lighting, no one will be able to see the home or property at night. When investing in landscape light installation, there’s no need to create a design for security and safety alone. It is possible to create an amazing look that is noticed for all the right reasons.

For individuals who are not sure if this is the right option for them, keep reading to learn more about how landscape lighting can help improve a home’s curb appeal and its value.

Improving Curb Appeal with Quality Landscape Lighting

Most people put a lot of time and effort into creating an amazing look for the exterior of their home. Building good curb appeal includes things like creating a beautiful garden and investing in lawn care, porch decorations, and more. Unfortunately, all this hard work, time, and effort will be unnoticed at night when it is dark outside. When a homeowner invests in professionally designed outdoor lighting, it is going to accentuate the architecture and landscaping of the home while improving safety and security.

Some of the features that can be added include stone facades, symmetrical pillars, gables, and more. With quality lighting, all these fabulous features will still be able to be seen even after the sun goes down. Quality landscape lighting is going to be subtle and understated (this is the opposite of the effect of floodlighting), but it will still draw attention to the features of a home that individuals are most proud of. With quality outdoor lighting, a home’s best side is seen regardless of the time of day.

Increase Property Security

Nefarious individuals and thieves are looking for the dark areas in a neighborhood. When a homeowner invests in quality landscape lighting, it will make the home much less attractive to these individuals because there is no dark area to linger in, but the property owners and neighbors will be able to see what is going on. When a home or business is well-lit, it is much less likely to be targeted by a criminal. Burglars and vandals are searching for an easy target or a dark area they can get into without being noticed.

Besides thieves, proper outdoor lighting is going to help prevent any type of minor injury or slip and fall that occurs because of an unseen path or walkway. It will also prevent any type of change in elevation, such as stairs or porches, from causing someone to fall. Also, lighting can be used to help guide guests and visitors right to the front door and create an entryway that is welcoming and warm.  

Add Value with Outdoor Lighting

According to many professionals, landscaping services will help to increase the value of the home by about 15%. This will help a homeowner recoup between 100% and 200% in their total investment. Just think about the value that is added when everyone can see the architectural features and landscaping that will help a home stand out any time of the day or night.

The Front Door

The home’s focal point is the front door. While it must be functional, it should also be stylish and offer a reflection of a person’s personality and taste. It is necessary to have more than just a fancy wreath on the door to make this a focal point. One of the fastest and most effective ways to make a front door the focal point of any property is with the right lighting. Make sure adequate lighting is installed in this area to create that “wow” factor people are going to notice and pay attention to.

Remember, older fixtures are not going to put a home’s best foot forward when it comes to overall curb appeal. Therefore, adding quality landscape lighting is a must. Take some time to consider the factors here and then work with the professionals to enjoy all the benefits that are offered by hiring experts for landscape lighting services. In the long run, it is these services that are going to provide the desired results, regardless of what the property looks like now. 

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