Whole House Surge Protection Services

Surges can happen at any time inside the home. In fact, large surges aren’t the only type that happens. Smaller surges happen daily and can add to the wear and tear of any electrical devices within the home. If a larger surge does happen, sensitive electronic devices within the home can be damaged. The way to protect against this is with whole-house surge protectors. Installed by a qualified electrician, this can help keep electronic devices safe and allow them to last longer. 

What is a Whole-House Surge Protector

A whole-house surge protector is wired into the electrical system in the home to block or ground spikes of electricity to keep it from reaching the electronic devices within the home. The whole house surge protection system needs to be grounded properly to work, but once it is installed, it can help protect all electronic devices and appliances within the home from any surges, large or small.

Types of Surges to Protect Against

There are many different types of surges that can cause damage to appliances and devices plugged into the home’s electrical system. Some of the causes of surges can include the following.

  • Power Supply Issues – If a power line goes down, a surge can occur when power is restored. This can damage any part of the electrical system within the home. 
  • High Electrical Demands – If there is a sudden change in electrical use in the area, it can cause a surge. This commonly happens in extreme weather, when there is more of a demand for heating and cooling in all homes. 
  • Power Cycling – Small surges can occur when large appliances used in the home turn on or off. This includes the air conditioner, a dryer, and other appliances, and the surge can add to the wear and tear of any devices plugged into the electrical system.
  • Issues With the Wiring – If any of the wiring is damaged, it can lead to power surges. This can happen more frequently in older homes, as the wiring is older and more likely to have issues. 
  • Severe Weather – Lightning can cause a huge surge of electricity through the home, which can lead to severe damage. Anything plugged into the electrical system can be damaged or destroyed. 

Whole-House Versus Power Strips

It’s likely that there are already surge protector power strips within the home, providing protection to the specific devices plugged into them. These only provide protection against some surges, as larger surges can get past the protection provided by them, and they are limited to only what’s plugged into them. It’s a good idea to request electrical services in Savannah to have a whole-house surge protector installed, but the power strips can continue to be used to provide extra protection for the home. 

Surges can happen daily and, whether they’re large or small, can cause damage to electrical devices. If you’re looking for a way to protect the devices and appliances in your home, now’s the time to call for surge protection and have a whole-house surge protector installed. Call today to schedule the installation. 

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