Outdoor Lighting Installation in Brunswick, Georgia

Every home or business needs outdoor lighting. The lights help secure the property while providing the illumination needed to keep you safe. The right outdoor lighting installation sets the mood for the property and may even save you money. How can you choose this outdoor lighting to ensure it achieves your goals?

Full Moon Lighting and Electrical understands this is a task many people struggle with. To avoid this issue, we offer the following guide as a reference you can use to plan your outdoor lighting. We can also help you plan this outdoor lighting installation and complete the installation, so you know your lighting will work as intended. What must be considered when planning this installation?

Lighting Options

First, you must decide which types of lights you want to install. We offer many options today. The following are some of our most popular ones.


When you need outdoor security lighting, consider investing in floodlights. The main benefit of this type of outdoor security lighting is it covers a wide area, so you get better coverage of the property. Not only will this help to keep intruders away, but it will also ensure you see where you are going to avoid accidents.


Do you have a particular feature in the yard you love and want others to see? Consider LED outdoor lighting. This LED outdoor lighting is perfect for highlighting landscaping or architectural features.

Path Lights

Path lights ensure people can see where they are walking. When designing your outdoor lighting installation, consider outdoor deck lighting and outdoor wall lighting in addition to path lights. You can never be too careful when it comes to being able to see where you are going.

Selecting Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Once you have the outdoor lighting plan in place, it is time to select fixtures. When making each purchase, consider several factors. This holds whether you are buying outdoor patio lighting, lighting for a specific landscape feature, or overall security lighting.

First, consider the architectural style of your home or business. You also need to determine how much light you desire for each portion of the landscape and the local climate. Your lights will only be of benefit when they work as intended. If they keep breaking during weather events, they are of no help. Finally, consider your lighting budget.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are purchasing outdoor deck lighting, outdoor wall lighting, or another type of exterior lighting, look for energy-efficient fixtures. Position these lights where they will provide the most impact and consider making use of motion sensor fixtures to keep energy costs down while deterring criminals.

 Furthermore, keep all components within the outdoor lighting installation clean so they provide the highest level of illumination, and call for outdoor lighting repair if one or more fixtures stop working. Doing so ensures you get the most from your outdoor lighting installation.

Consider investing in outdoor patio lighting, lights for your deck, security lights, and more. An outdoor lighting installation increases the security of your home or business while adding to its curb appeal. With the help of Full Moon Lighting and Electrical, you can create the perfect exterior lighting scheme and put it into place. We are also available to help with outdoor lighting repair and more. Contact us today for more information.

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