Enjoy Summer Nights Outdoors With Landscape Lighting

There is nothing better than a summer night in the backyard with friends and family. One of the only issues with that is when the sun goes down. It is too hot for a fire, and most types of overhead lights attract unwanted mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. Landscape lighting is the perfect solution to this problem .Below are some landscape lighting options that are sure to make any summer night seem like an oasis. 

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting is used for both safety and aesthetics. Lighting up walkways can help to eliminate trip hazards at night. It will also keep people from varying off the correct path and into gardens and flower beds, causing destruction. The illuminated pathways are also aesthetically pleasing in the evening hours and at night. It can create an almost romantic feel while also being very functional.

Pool Lighting

Pool lights can add fun to an already fun event. Pools are always enjoyable during the day when the sun is shining bright; however, most people consider them to be useless at night. With pool lighting, activities can take place at any time of the day. Submersible lights can be used to light the pool from under the water. These lights can be a variety of colors which add to the entertainment. The lighting surrounding the pool adds to the enjoyment and can also eliminate potential accidents at night.


Many people chose to decorate their yards with fountains and other statuesque objects. These features are beautiful and can be seen by all during the day but are virtually unseen at night. By installing uplights, these features can be illuminated, making them completely breathtaking at night. A landscape lighting company can assist with the perfect type of lighting system to ensure these features dazzle all who see them.

Stair and Deck Lighting

Most homes have some form of outdoor stairs and/or decks. Stairway lighting could be considered essential to avoid falls. Navigating any height or number of stairs can be dangerous for anyone at night, but by installing lighting, that danger drastically decreases. Deck lighting allows this important part of the house to be utilized at any time of day. Summer nights can be spent entertaining guests while enjoying the beautiful Georgia night. 

Foliage Lights

Trees, gardens, and flower beds provide the perfect environment for horticulture lighting. This type of lighting not only brings attention to these items so that guests do not mistakenly step in them, but it also brings out their beauty. Garden and flower bed lights are typically installed within or surrounding the plants shining upwards. The tree lighting is more versatile. It can be installed at the base of the tree, shining upwards or hung in the tree itself for a magical forest ambiance. 

String Lighting

String lighting can be a less costly and more versatile outdoor lighting option. String lights can be used as a permanent fixture or a temporary decoration. For summer night parties, string lights can be hung around a gazebo to allow just enough light to enjoy guests. it can also be hung down handrails so that party-goers can navigate stairways. Permanent options can be hung in trees or shrubbery for a festive feel all year around. 

Flood Lights

Spotlighting the front of a home with flood lighting adds class to the house. When people drive past and see the house lit up it really catches the eye. Not only is this type of lighting head-turning it also adds an additional safety feature to the home. Illuminating the house deters potential burglaries or other criminal activities. The days of floodlighting being considered industrial is in the past because they are now considered to add curb appeal. 

Free Standing Lights

Outdoor lighting is not only for hanging and illuminating structures. Freestanding lighting such as light posts can be added anywhere. These lights can allow a large yard to be utilized at night. They can allow children to continue to safely play outside after the sun goes down. This lighting can also be used to light up a long driveway to ensure that guests can see properly as well as add to the summer night feeling. 

Landscape lighting can be beautiful and practical. This lighting can add numerous safety features, including eliminating trips and falls as well as potential criminal activity. Aesthetically it can be very appealing by making everything it lights up appear magical and beautiful. No one wants a summer night to end, and by using outdoor lighting, it does not have to. Family and guests alike will appreciate the additional activities and ambiance. 

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