Whole Home Generator Installation in St. Simons, GA

Electricity plays a vital role in supporting modern life, so it should come as no surprise that power outages are extremely disruptive. The lights aren’t the only thing that goes out. Families are left without refrigeration, climate control, and even functional plumbing.

No one deserves to be left living like they’re in the Stone Age every time the power grid goes down. That’s where a whole home generator installation can come in handy.

The Benefits of Whole Home Generator Installation

Although whole home generator installation is just one option available to anyone who wants a backup generator for home use, it’s arguably the best one. Unlike portable generators, whole home generators don’t need to be refueled, nor do they pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The whole house generator installation will take place outside, where the generator can run safely, but the electrician will run a line to the home’s power box. A backup generator for home use can even be hooked up to an automatic transfer switch that turns the generator on as soon as the power goes out, then switches everything back over once the electrical grid is back up. More often than not, residents don’t even notice that the power has gone out.

There’s a second benefit to full standby generator installation that makes it stand out from portable generator use. Unlike portable generators, which are usually small and can run only the bare essentials, a whole house generator installation will allow residents to run all of their most crucial appliances and devices. A full-sized generator can run the entire home.

What to Expect During the Installation

The first step in the whole home generator installation process is to schedule a consultation with a qualified electrician. Because there are many home generators available, electricians typically have to ask questions about normal power use and the family’s expectations. Expect to provide answers to these questions so that the contractors can help with determining the best option.

The rest of the process is easy. The contractors will show up at a predetermined time with everything required to complete the whole home generator installation. The generator itself will be placed on a pad outdoors, and a line will be run inside the home. Homeowners can choose between automatic and manual transfer switches for their standby generator installation. However, most opt for automatic switches so that they don’t need to be home to switch the system over if the power goes out.

Once installed, the generator will be hooked up to the municipal natural gas grid. Homeowners will never have to worry about refueling it. All they’ll need to do is schedule periodic maintenance visits to ensure that everything goes smoothly should the power go out unexpectedly.

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