Full Moon Lighting & Electrical, LLC is your complete, local electrical service & installation shop in St. Marys & St. Simons!

Residents of Savannah, St. Marys, St. Simons, and the surrounding coastal areas have a dependable electrical service company to rely on. Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC meets all the electrical needs our customers may have in this unique area. The company has well-trained, licensed electricians to perform every electrical installation and repair including new construction, home electrical upgrades, generator installation, electrical system diagnosis and repair, and outdoor lighting.

Why Hire A Licensed Electrician?

A homeowner may ask why they should hire a licensed electrician when their electrical system needs work. There are several factors that contribute to this but the most important reason is safety. The electrical system is complicated, and it can be dangerous to work with a system that has 220 or more volts of electricity coming into its service panel. That is enough power to cause serious injury or death to a person who makes a mistake.

Electrical projects often require permits and inspections. It is best to have a licensed and insured electrician do these projects so the completed electrical work passes inspection and is safe for the home. A qualified electrician will do the job right and have an easier time passing the electrical inspection process.

Electrical work is not fun and can be very difficult. Making a mistake is not an option. Electrical work done incorrectly can lead to shocks or electrical fires. Improperly done electrical work can also lead to shorts and damaged appliances or electronics. Electrical work is best left to licensed professionals who know how electrical systems work and will do electrical work properly so it is safe.

How To Find An Electrician?

When looking for a qualified electrician, check your state’s requirements for licensed electricians and use that as a guide. Consider vocational training, required permits, useful experience, liability insurance, and workman’s compensation insurance. Check with friends and neighbors to learn who they used. Full Moon Lighting & Electrical, LLC will meet all these requirements.

What Electrical Services May Be Needed?

Residents looking for electrical services in St. Simons Island, GA, may have any number of electrical needs. A few of them may include:

  • Breaker panel repairs and upgrades
  • Surge protection for the whole house
  • Lighting or fan installations
  • Repairing problems with an existing electrical system
  • A remodeling or addition project
  • Installation of electrical appliances, heating, air conditioning, generators, or other hard-wired equipment
  • Replacing old outlets with GFCI outlet upgrades
  • Repairing storm-damaged electrical system
  • Installing horticultural or germicide lighting
  • Handling outdoor lighting projects

Home Surge Protection is a Good Idea

Whole-house surge protection is a relatively new service for homeowners, but when a home relies on a lot of electronics or is a smart home, surge protection becomes very important. If there are a lot of electrical storms in an area or if the community electrical provider has electrical power surges happening, electronics and appliances could be damaged. A surge protection system will eliminate this threat.

About Full Moon Lighting & Electrical, LLC

Full Moon Lighting & Electrical, LLC is a full-service electrical company that specializes in outdoor lighting. Customer service helps this company prosper with a growing list of happy customers. We offer outdoor lighting design to fit the home landscape and then install the lighting and maintain it. Our electricians also offer “moonlighting,” which is special lighting that mimics a full moon.

Some Of Our Services

Full Moon Lighting & Electrical, LLC is your complete, local electrical service & installation shop!

Some Of Our Services

We keep growing!

Not only does the Haley family keep growing with girls, but Full Moon has birthed a new division with Full Moon Air Conditioning. & Heating. We are offering a free outside unit coil cleaning for our FML customers. Check below to claim. 

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