The Importance of a Home Generator

When most people think of generators, they usually think of either massive units that stand outside of hospitals and other big facilities that provide power during blackouts and other events, or small, portable units that can be taken to the beach, on campouts and other places.

What many people don’t consider, however, is how valuable a home generator can be in a wide variety of instances. They believe that power outages are just one of those things they have to suffer through, however long they take. Not anymore.

The Benefits of Owning a Home Generator

Quick. You have a power loss in your neighborhood. What do you do? If you are like most people, you simply wait it out like the rest of your neighbors. But what about life as it goes on, specifically getting things done, not to mention everything in the freezer that is getting thawed? And generator installation is easy. 

If you have a home generator, none of these things are a problem. Losing neighborhood power is simply a trigger for a backup generator to start. It’s an insurance policy. There’s no telling when you might need it, or if you will. Power interruptions can be a huge problem, especially for areas where they are prone. It also depends on your budget, personal situation, and tolerance for interruptions. Those who depend on electricity for medical equipment or who live in areas where there are prolonged, frequent blackouts, or who work at home and need uninterrupted power should seriously consider investing in a backup generator. A generator is also a huge insurance policy against unexpected situations and for peace of mind.

More Benefits

There are numerous other benefits to having a backup home generator. These include:

  • Return of power automatically in a blackout
  • Allows homeowners to operate nearly everything in their home, including cooling and heating, computers, televisions, and other appliances
  • Protects homes from dangerous wattage fluctuations and surges when power is reestablished
  • Homeowners can stay comfortable and safe during emergencies
  • Can operate safely during natural and man-made disasters
  • Gives homeowners peace of mind by ensuring that they and their loved ones are safe when there is an emergency.


There are several important decisions that must be made prior to selecting a home generator. Perhaps the most important is in regard to how it will be operated, specifically a fuel source. This most often falls to two types, propane or natural gas. This most often depends on the location of a home. If a home is on a city grid it most often will call for natural gas for power. Those not served by a gas network will often use propane to fuel standby generators. Sometimes, Propane can be used, but it is often considered cost prohibitive when extending gas lines to existing homes. Propane does offer the advantage of lower start up costs, and liquid propane can be stored on the property in a tank.

Both propane and natural gas have advantages over gasoline generators. Some of the benefits include:

  • They are affordable
  • They are convenient to use
  • They are affordable
  • Natural gas and propane do not go bad over time
  • Natural gas and propane are both colorless, tasteless, and non-toxic, and have a unique odor for early detection

Once a homeowner has a backup generator installed, they can have the peace of mind that whatever happens in their neighborhood will not affect them. Further, the prolonged darkness and cold will not be a factor during their lives. A backup generator can also be considered another positive factor in the sales of a home.

Getting Started

Backup home generators aren’t as common as are other features of homes, but they are quickly becoming more popular with news of disasters and civil unrest become more common.

Fortunately, with an electrician such as Full Moon Lighting and Electrical, LLC, any homeowner who decides to take full advantage of the technology can do so quickly and easily.

For more than 30 years of experience and 10 years in business, Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC has been providing a full line of electrical services to clients all over the state of Georgia. Home generators is just the latest in a series of expansions they have made to better serve the evolving needs of clients. This is especially so in light of the coming storm season.

Why let yourself get caught unprepared when the summer storms start? Instead, you can be fully prepared for anything mother nature throws at you by installing a home generator to pick up where the city services leave off.

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