When to Repair or Replace a Breaker Panel

Circuit breakers are vital components of home electrical systems. Unfortunately, distribution panels do not last forever and can become damaged over time. They can also become outdated due to the needs of modern high-drain appliances. Homeowners in St. Simons Island, Georgia, need to be aware of the signs that may occur when they need to repair or replace their breaker panel

Signs of Problems with a Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers control all aspects of an electrical system. When problems begin to arise, homeowners need to be prepared to take action right away. A breaker panel that is in a state of disrepair can be dangerous. It can cause fires and electrical shock. The following are some signs homeowners can look for so they will know if they need to call an electrician for circuit breaker repair or replacement. 

  • One of the most obvious signs of circuit panel problems is smoking or sparking. If these are occurring, homeowners need to shut off their electricity from the main switch outside their homes. They should immediately call an electrician to repair or replace the panel. 
  • Black marks will also occur. Homeowners may notice the circuit breakers or wiring inside the panel become melted. These are signs that should never be ignored because they could lead to dangers. 
  • If there is a white chalky substance in the panel or rust and corrosion, these are caused by water damage. Water and electricity do not mix. If moisture is getting inside a circuit panel, it is important to call a certified electrician right away. 
  • Homeowners may notice their breakers are consistently tripping. A tripping breaker means the electrical system is being overloaded. Often, this means a homeowner needs to call an electrician to have them upgrade the electrical panel to a new one. 

Circuit Panel Repairs

Many issues can occur with circuit panels and lead to the need for repairs. Even minor problems can progress and eventually cause safety issues. If a homeowner notices any flickering lights, loose wires, or wiring damage, they must call for professional electrical services

An electrician will come out and fully inspect the circuit panel. They will look for signs of damage and test every component. When issues are found, they are reported to the homeowner. The electrician will carry out the necessary repairs or inform the homeowner they need a new panel. 

Reasons for Circuit Panel Replacement

Sometimes, a simple repair is not enough to ensure an electric panel will operate safely and effectively. Often, older homes have circuit panels that offer only 60 amps of power. This is not enough amperage to operate many of today’s appliances. New panels offer up to 200 amps of power. 

A panel may need to be replaced if it has been burned or damaged with water. Once an electric panel has become badly damaged, it is no longer safe to operate and cannot be repaired. It should be replaced right away by a certified electrician. 

How to Keep an Electric Panel Operating Safely

Homeowners need to ensure they rely on an electrician for electric panel maintenance. Homeowners can also do their part by keeping the panel’s door shut and checking periodically for signs of dust buildup, rust, or other problems. If any issues are spotted, a homeowner should call for an inspection. 

Ideally, electric panels should be checked every two to three years. These inspections help to find minor damages before they can turn into big problems. An electric box inspection gives homeowners peace of mind in knowing their panel will offer safety and control. 

Call a Certified Electrician Today

Homeowners in St. Simons Island must rely on certified electricians to keep their electrical systems operating safely and efficiently. The electric panel is the most important component of an electrical system. If it breaks down or becomes damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced right away.

Electric panels should only be repaired or replaced by a certified electrician. This is not the time to take a DIY approach. A certified electrician is highly trained to handle all aspects of panel repair and upgrades. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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