Do I Need a Whole House Surge Protector?

While many homeowners invest in security systems and other devices to keep their property safe, they often fail to provide adequate protection from electrical power surges. A single surge can send a house offline in a matter of seconds. They are unexpected, but there are ways to prevent damage.

A power surge is a very short oversupply of abnormally high voltage that rushes through electrical wiring, causing damage to electronic equipment in a home or business. An unexpected gush of power is capable of destroying electronic equipment and computers within a matter of seconds. One way to avoid costly destruction from a power surge is to install a whole house surge protector.

What Causes a Power Surge?

A power surge is often the result of a lightning strike or an appliance that turns on and off abruptly. When an electric utility company switches from one grid to another, this can also cause an increase in the amount of voltage entering the lines. As aging infrastructure continues to deteriorate, the number of power surges occurring without warning has drastically increased. A homeowner’s best defense for surge protection is to put in a whole-house system that blocks any excess currents from entering the lines altogether.

How to Get Whole-House Protection

Is it possible to protect everything in a home from a power surge? The answer is yes. A whole-house surge protector system stops a higher than average voltage from entering a home’s circuits. Instead, it disperses any extra voltage into the ground outside. This type of surge protector system requires installation by professional electrical services to ensure that it’s properly secured in place and fully operational. As with all security devices, a whole-house surge protection system provides maximum protection for about two years, after which a homeowner should consider replacing it. Of course, if a home incurs a big hit, such as a lightning strike, it should be discarded as soon as possible and replaced with a new one.

The Truth About Point-of-Use Power Strips

Many people think that plugging electronics into a point-of-use power strip will prevent all damaging surges from occurring. That is far from the truth. While power strip protectors help to prevent surges in some cases if a big hit happens, the electronic devices plugged into the strip are still subject to some voltage getting through. If an irregular current passes through a power strip, it can cause minor damage in many instances. It may also render an electronic device completely useless.

Whole-House Surge Protectors Save Money

Maybe you’re on the fence about spending money on a whole-house surge protection system. Just be aware that one big surge can take out everything electronic in a home. Every computer, TV, home theater, stereo equipment, and every appliance could be a total loss within a matter of seconds. Replacing these items would be extremely expensive for a homeowner. So why take the chance? By installing a whole-house surge protection system now, you won’t need to worry about losing everything of value when an unanticipated surge of electrical power occurs. 

The Pros and Cons of Whole-House Surge Protection

If there’s uncertainty about installing a whole-house surge protector, understanding how it works may make the decision easier. This form of surge blocker stops excess voltage before it enters the inside of a home by funneling it through a home’s electrical grounding. Only a predetermined amount of voltage can pass through a whole-house surge protector, which adds a superior level of protection for all electrical devices. However, over time the process of stopping power surges wears down the efficiency of the system. A whole-house surge protector has a limited lifespan of about two to three years. After this time frame, a homeowner should replace the system with a new one.

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A power surge can happen without warning, or a force of nature, such as a lightning strike, can trigger one. A whole-house surge protection system eliminates the worry of an electrical surge by instantly stopping excess voltage from traveling through the electrical circuitry. If a burst of electricity enters a home without a surge protection system in place, wall outlets and electrical devices may malfunction, resulting in sparks or a fire. The benefits of installing a whole-home surge protector far outweigh what may happen if a sudden burst of power enters an unprotected home.

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