The Benefits Of Professional Ceiling Fan Installations

Over 20 million ceiling fans are made in the U.S. each year, and they’re found in more than 80 million American homes. They serve aesthetic and functional purposes, making them a fixture in households everywhere. While it may seem like a simple process, installing a ceiling fan is more complicated than one might think. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of ceiling fan installation and why it should be left to the experts.

Professional Installation Cuts Energy Spending

In the U.S., the average household spends approximately $115 per month on energy. Utility bills are rising, and homeowners in Savannah, St Marys, St. Simons, Brunswick, Jekyll Island, & Sea Island are all looking for ways to cut costs. With our fan installation services, that goal becomes more attainable.

External ceiling fan installation requires some electrical knowledge, which is outside the scope of most homeowners’ capabilities. Electricity is dangerous, and more than 400 people die from shock each year. Don’t put yourself at risk; call us today to schedule ceiling fan installation.

Some people may wonder how adding an appliance will decrease energy spending. The answer is a simple one: fans reduce a family’s reliance on their HVAC system. This important system makes up a significant portion of a household’s energy spending, but fans keep the home cooler, leading to lower bills without sacrificing comfort.

The Fans We Install Come With Great Features

When Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC installs fans for its customers, they’re getting something that’s much better than the fans that were on the market just a few short years ago. Today’s ceiling fans are technologically advanced, being packed with various comfort and functionality features such as:

  • Remote operation/speed controls
  • LED and accent lighting

Some options even have companion apps that allow users to control their fans from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Other fans come with DC (direct current) motors, which makes them very efficient. Call our installers today so you get the benefit of all these features.

Professional Installation Keeps Families Safe

The biggest reason to leave ceiling fan installation to a professional is safety. No matter how handy you are around the house or how many projects you’ve tackled in the past, climbing a ladder and holding a ceiling fan can be dangerous. The same thought applies to the use of power tools on heavy, unwieldy ceiling fans.

Internal ceiling fan installation by a trained technician ensures complete safety for everyone in the household. Our installers have a deep understanding of the safety risks of electrical work and fan installation. Because they are trained and licensed, the installers know which steps to take to ensure a safe, efficient, and seamless process.

Reducing The Risk Of Fire

As mentioned previously, electrical service is a component of ceiling fan maintenance and installation. When homeowners tackle installations themselves and get things wrong, there’s a greater risk of an electrical fire. Wiring failures are a common cause of these fires, and injury is more likely to occur when homeowners don’t hire experts for their ceiling fan installation projects. Keep your home and family safe by leaving the job to an expert.

We’ll Get The Job Done Sooner

No matter how handy an owner may be around the house, professional fan installers can do the work much faster. One of our technicians can install several fans and get them running in no time at all while the average homeowner could take several hours to install just one fan. If a quick, clean installation is the goal, consider hiring a ceiling fan specialist.

Superior Quality Of Work Equals Better Results

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and that’s equally true of fan installation. When families hire us to install an internal or external ceiling fan, they pay for our experience and professionalism—and that’s just what they get. Call us for the best fan installation services on the coast of Georgia.

Greater Reassurance

There’s never a good time for a ceiling fan to fail. And, when fans are installed with DIY methods, mechanical and electrical failures are always more likely. For peace of mind, consider hiring a professional installer who can do the job right the first time.

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The right time to upgrade a home’s ceiling fans is now, while the weather is still cool and before summer’s heat comes. To experience the benefits listed here, be sure to hire the right company. Contact us by phone or email to schedule an estimate or a ceiling fan installation.

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