5 Reasons To Professionally Install Outdoor Lighting

Many homeowners invest in landscape lighting to add that extra something to their property. The addition of this lighting provides the home with a warm and inviting feeling. People who see the residence know the owners care for it. Furthermore, the right lighting can leave the neighbors green with envy. The following five reasons explain why every person should make this investment in their residence. 

Curb Appeal 

When properly installed, outdoor lighting will last for many years. Homeowners often find they never need to replace the lights, if they are of good quality. Consider several lighting styles to highlight the home and property. 

Pathway lighting ensures people can see where they are going on the property while adding a touch of drama to the residence at night. Taller light fixtures provide more illumination, while shorter ones blend with other landscape features. Although the smaller fixtures provide less light, they add a nice touch. 

Consider landscape lighting to illuminate specific landscape features. One person may wish to highlight the home, while another may want to showcase their garden or fountain. The key to success with this type of lighting lies in finding the right beam angle. 

Feature lighting helps to illuminate steps, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, or another focal point of the property. The type of lighting depends on what is being illuminated. 

Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC works with clients to find the right fixtures and lighting designs for their specific needs. Property owners often use too many or too few lights. Our team of professionals knows how to find the right balance for each property. 


Homeowners want to know the job is done right, which is why they often turn to a professional installation. Experienced technicians ensure they bury all wires properly and are using the correct supply and voltage for the lights. In addition, they make certain underground connections will remain secure regardless of the weather.

This attention to detail pays off in the long run, as there will be fewer maintenance and repair calls. Furthermore, the technicians remove any trash resulting from the installation, so all they leave behind is a beautifully lit landscape. 

A problem may arise during the installation process. When professionals are on the job, they address the issue quickly and get the project back on track. Thanks to the time the workers have spent on similar projects, they understand how best to overcome any challenges and remove obstacles. Professionals do so in a way that ensures the project meets all objectives without cutting corners. 


Homeowners want to know their loved ones are safe at all times. For this reason, they install lights around the property, as the lighting gives them peace of mind. Not only will it deter intruders, but the lights allow people to navigate the property safely. 

Visit fullmoonlightingllc.com/ to learn more about the various lighting options today. Many homeowners consider investing in solar lights, for example, but these lights aren’t as reliable as other options offered today. Consider LED lights, as they last an extended period and illuminate the desired area with ease. 

An Investment in the Home

When you leave your outdoor lighting installation to the professionals, they save time and hassle. Furthermore, the finished project is functional and beautiful. With the right design, the fixtures add to the value of the home. Potential buyers won’t worry that something could go wrong soon after they purchase the home, leaving them with a hefty bill to make necessary repairs. 

Additionally, the team knows tips and tricks the homeowner might remain unaware of. For example, Full Moon Lighting specializes in moonlighting. This involves the installation of lights up in trees to mimic the light of the moon. Buyers will love this unusual feature and it will attract more interest in the residence. As a result, the homeowner may find they get more than their asking price because their residence is so popular. 


Many outdoor lighting manufacturers provide a warranty on their products. However, they may include a provision that states the warranty only remains valid if a professional installs the lights. When a homeowner spends a significant amount of money on lights for their landscape, they don’t want to find they have problems and nowhere to turn for help. Although it does cost more for professional installation, taking this step pays off in the long run. 

If you are ready to install lights on your property, reach out to Full Moon Lighting today. Our team will help you design the perfect lighting plan for your landscape and install the fixtures to ensure the job is done right. 

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