How Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your House’s Security

Individuals typically add outdoor lighting to a residence to increase its curb appeal. However, this lighting also plays a large role in the security of a property. Landscape lighting deters criminals, as the lights could expose them to the view of others, which means their risk of being caught increases. With the right lighting, owners eliminate potential hiding spots while ensuring cameras on the property can capture images of intruders. 

Homeowners don’t have to install lights everywhere to feel safe. In fact, too much light draws attention to the property, which homeowners generally want to avoid. Excessive illumination also creates light pollution. How can a homeowner find the right balance to ensure their property remains protected without offending others living around them? 

Why Outdoor Lighting Remains Essential

Homeowners find landscape lighting serves three purposes. It adds to the curb appeal of the property while helping individuals move around the yard without encountering obstacles. They can see any obstructions or changes in elevation and navigate around them. In addition, the right lighting discourages people from entering the property without permission. 

The Illuminating Engineering Society reports security lighting helps a homeowner anticipate predators and threats and makes it hard for a criminal to enter the home unnoticed. Those experts refer to this as target hardening, as it makes the home harder to access. However, homeowners must know the different security lights available today and which are best for their property. 

Security Light Options

Security lights come in many styles. Floodlights illuminate large areas, while landscape path lights ensure people can see walkways and paths. People use luminarias on roadways or at the front of homes. They light up the area and allow people to identify buildings, landmarks, and more. However, some luminarias sit on surfaces and provide general, decorative, and accent lighting. These serve as only a few of the lighting options available today. 

Security Light Placement

Homeowners must identify safety and security risks when placing their landscape lights. Learn about the history of crime in the neighborhood and walk around the perimeter to detect potential entry points. Furthermore, consider bright outdoor lighting and how it affects the surroundings. Consider light pollution and energy conservation ordinances when creating a landscape lighting plan. 

Determine the value of items on the property, as they play a role in the property’s attractiveness to criminals. Keep household tools locked away so criminals cannot use them to access the home’s interior. Also, illuminate high-value items on the property with lights if you cannot lock them away. 

Know what is happening in the neighborhood. Join a neighborhood watch group and install apps that let neighbors know about crime in the area. Get to know the neighbors, and share information about suspicious activity. Information obtained by connecting with others becomes of great help when identifying security risks. 

When working in the yard, look for potential safety risks. Do the same when installing new landscape elements, such as a rosebush that may provide a hiding place. Pay attention to any dark areas in the landscape and determine how best to illuminate them. Reach out to the police to see if they can offer help by visiting the property and identifying any areas of concern. 

Active or Passive Lighting? 

Once you have pinpointed any areas of concern, determine which lighting approach is best. Active light systems respond to action or movement, cutting on when they detect either. Passive light systems, in contrast, come on when the owner turns them on. They remain off otherwise.  

Installation Tips

Homeowners need to follow all manufacturer’s instructions when installing outdoor landscape lighting. However, certain things should be kept in mind when moving through this process. Install lights where others cannot tamper with them, and use wire covers for protection. The covers help to ensure the lights remain functional when they become necessary. 

Make certain the lights point to your property rather than a neighbor’s home, and adjust their sensitivity to motion. No homeowner wants to find the lights come on every time the wind blows. This defeats the point of the lights, as the homeowner will quickly begin to ignore them when they activate. 

Choose exterior lights that complement the light fixtures found in the home for a cohesive look. Choose light colors for the exterior of the home, as this boosts the effectiveness of the lighting. 

If help is needed, work with a professional landscape lighting provider. The security of the home is of utmost importance. The right landscape lighting improves the home’s security, and no price can be put on the safety of your loved ones. 

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