Benefits of Having Landscape Lighting in the Winter

A well-designed and maintained residential landscape is a work of art that deserves to be showcased year-round, not just during the day but also at night. Professionally designed outdoor lighting arrays make it possible to do just that, and winter is the perfect time to have a new light display installed in Georgia. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of having landscape lighting in the winter and find out why.

Light Up the Longer Nights

Even people who love the cooler, dryer weather that comes with Georgia winters are rarely excited to see the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Adults coming home from work and kids being picked up from after-school activities may, on long days, even be walking through the door after the sun has already gone down. Installing outdoor lighting means no one will have to pull up to a dark home, even on the longest night of the year.

Though most people view the long nights of winter as a hassle, outdoor lighting designers see them as an opportunity. A beautiful, well-lit winter landscape can bring extra joy to any season, but residents and guests will appreciate those lights even more during the long nights. Plus, there are more chances for passers-by to appreciate the work of art that is a well-designed and optimally lit nighttime landscape.

Avoid Accidents

Coastal Georgia may not suffer from the snow and ice that Northerners associate with winter, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of accidents entirely. Dark driveways, walkways, and steps can pose a hazard even when they’re not covered in snow and ice, and those areas stay dark for longer during the winter months. Adding outdoor lights along paths, at the head of driveways, and near or above front steps can help residents and guests stay safe.

Remember, a minor fall may feel like no big deal to a young, healthy person, but it could be devastating for an older adult or someone with a bleeding or bone condition. Even if no one living in the house is old or infirm enough to worry about such matters now, providing adequate lighting to keep guests safe is still the polite thing to do. Plus, it avoids liability issues.

Discourage Unwanted Visitors

Longer nights also mean more opportunities for burglars, home invaders, and other unwanted visitors. A good outdoor lighting plan will incorporate security lights near doors and easy-to-access windows without making the intention obvious. While even security lights are no replacement for a home alarm system, a professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting array can make any home seem like less of an easy target, prompting unwanted visitors to look elsewhere. 

Burglars and other human intruders aren’t the only unwanted guests’ homeowners in Georgia have to worry about, either. There are also raccoons, opossums, and other nocturnal pests to deal with, plus nosy neighbors and passers-by. Outdoor lighting helps to keep critters away and makes it harder to see into the home, alleviating residents’ concerns about all of these unwanted pests, both human and animal.

Improved Indoor Ambiance

Outdoor lighting isn’t just for visitors and passersby. While it’s true that it can improve any home’s curb appeal, a well-lit yard will also look great from indoors. Even in the summer, residents spend most of the nighttime hours inside, but the warmth and calm created by a beautifully lit landscape can be seen through the windows and will still bring a smile to their faces.

Get Outside as Soon as Possible

The winters in Georgia may be mild compared to colder, snowier places, but that doesn’t mean most residents like to spend time outdoors in 45-degree temperatures. It’s not until the weather begins to change and spring is once again on the horizon that people start thinking about heading outside to enjoy the warmer weather, at least at night. 

Hiring outdoor lighting services to design and install a new lighting system will make it possible to start spending time outdoors as soon as the temperatures start to warm up instead of waiting until the days get longer in the late spring. Homeowners who want to take things one step further can even install outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, or heated patios and lighting to go along with them to extend the season even more.

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