New Construction & Remodels

When you’re considering electrical home renovations for your new construction or remodeling your existing home, it’s important to rely on help from a licensed electrician who can safely implement new components. At Full Moon Lighting and Electrical, our Master Electricians are highly skilled in every aspect of electrical work. We can help remove any faulty materials that put your home or family at risk and install innovative parts that keep your home comfortable.

Are you looking for expert electrical assistance for your home’s new construction or remodeling project in Eastern Georgia? At Full Moon Lighting and Electrical, our professional technicians are skilled in various lighting and electrical upgrades. Call us today to discuss your home renovations and to book your services, at (912) 372-9211.

Our Services For Home Renovations

Our team offers home renovations that can serve your new construction or remodeling project. All of our services for home renovations are carried out with prompt and professional attention. Whether your home requires a simple fix like an additional outlet or needs full home rewiring, our trained technicians have the skills and tools to complete your project correctly.

New Construction

Homes that are being developed with new construction have the benefit of not dealing with previous electrical installations or faulty configurations. When you’re setting up an electrical system for the first time in your home, we’ll ensure that each aspect is properly installed in accordance with the electrical code and exceeds industry standards with useful innovations.

During new construction renovations, we can help you install home wiring, adequate outlet space for your appliances and devices, and a functional lighting system. We can also help you install your home HVAC system for temperature control and a boost in healthy air quality.

Remodeling Project

When it comes to a remodeling project, it’s vital to consider the work that has been previously conducted on your electrical system. After all, previous homeowners or inexperienced technicians can leave your home vulnerable to electrical fires and shock risks. Our licensed and experienced electricians will ensure your remodeling project keeps hazards out of your home. We will correct any odd wiring or inefficiencies in your system before installing updates.

When you’re considering a remodeling project, there are various components that can benefit from improvements. We can help you switch to GFCI and AFCI outlets to protect your family from water-based electrocution and arc fault risks, add additional outlets to or upgrade your fuse box to a circuit breaker system for added energy consumption, or safely upgrade your home wiring with modern materials and grounding to avoid stray voltage and fatal shocks or fires.

Trust Full Moon Lighting and Electrical For Your Light and Fan Installation in Eastern Georgia

At Full Moon Lighting and Electrical, we understand the importance of offering safe and effective electrical services to our community. We will help you remove any hazards from your home, so your electrical system works with, not against you, in making your home a comfortable and functional space. We look forward to helping you reach your home renovation goals next!

Are you searching for an electrician to help you complete safe home renovations in Eastern Georgia? At Full Moon Lighting and Electrical, our licensed electricians can help you pull proper permits, customize an electrical plan, and effectively carry out your electrical updates. Don’t hesitate to call us today for bookings, at (912) 372-9211.

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