Top Reasons To Design & Install Moonlighting

Since the dawn of time, the moon has piqued people’s interest and sparked their imaginations. That brilliant orb of light in the night sky exudes a sense of mystery and romance. For some, it fosters dreams of floating in the air or venturing out into space to explore the galaxy. For others, it’s simply a comforting constant in a world of chaos and uncertainty. Either way, the moon has long been the subject of photographs, movies, and wistful stares the world over. At this point, people are even recreating its lovely light to enhance their lives. 

Highlight Your Home with the Right Lighting Effects

Outdoor lighting can make a world of difference in the way your property looks and feels. While many exterior accent lights shed bright, blazing rays on your home, garden, and hardscapes, they’re not the only options available. Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC offers a new solution. As outdoor lighting specialists, our team has the power to illuminate your landscape with beautiful moonlight even when the moon isn’t out. With an emphasis on superior service and an eye for aesthetic appeal, we serve the outdoor lighting needs of homeowners throughout Savannah and the surrounding areas. 

Taking a Closer Look at Moonlighting

Several types of outdoor lighting are currently available. Standard spotlights can highlight certain features of your home and property whereas string lights add extra charm to your outdoor entertainment area. Step and pathway lighting provide extra layers of safety on dark nights while flood lights can take security to new heights. Those are only a few options for homeowners. Moonlighting is quickly becoming a favorite as well. 

Moonlighting recreates the light of the moon via artificial means. This type of lighting is bright enough to showcase your gardens, trees, and other outdoor features but not so harsh that it’s off-putting. It gives your yard a much different appeal than standard lighting, colored lamps, and other solutions. It creates a unique look that’s quickly gaining ground along the Georgia coast and beyond. 

Why Consider Moonlighting for Your Outdoor Space

This alluring outdoor lighting style offers a range of benefits for homeowners. If you want to create a new look for your property, this could be the answer. Moonlight isn’t as stark and unforgiving as natural sunlight and typical artificial lighting, so it casts a completely different radiance over your home and landscape. That’s only one of the reasons to consider moonlighting.

  • Soothing Effects. It’s no secret that natural moonlight has a soothing, calming effect on people. Its cool serenity has a way of easing tension and melting away stress. Basking in the light of the moon can leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. Why wait until the real moon is full to experience those effects when you can enjoy them every night?
  • Creating a Natural Look. Artificial moonlight is designed to mimic the way the light of the moon would fall across your property. Fixtures are mounted in trees, and the light filters through the leaves to create mottled patterns. Various filters can also be used to make the light appear more realistic. That gives your home and lawn a naturally moonlit appearance that other types of lighting just can’t compare to. It’s gentle but effective. 
  • More Effectively Accentuating Your Landscape. Bright accent lighting, uplighting, and other commonly used techniques aren’t suitable for all types of outdoor features. Some require a different light installation approach to bring out their full effects. Creating artificial moonlight uses downlighting, which can highlight an entirely different range of plants, hardscape designs, outdoor decor, and architectural elements. 

Moonlight installations are often more energy efficient than other types of lighting, so their cost of operation is lower. They can also provide the extra security and safety people hope to achieve with outdoor lighting services. Having these fixtures and layouts designed and installed by outdoor lighting experts will allow you to make the most of their benefits. 

Giving You the Moon

The moon gives us a special type of light, it gives off a completely different aura. Its essence generates an air of peacefulness, tranquility, and wonder. Those elements can be used to highlight your home and showcase various features of your landscape with the right techniques and design prowess. 

Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC has those attributes, and we’re excited to use them to benefit our clients. We want to give you the moon, so you can use it to make the most of Georgia’s natural beauty even on a dark, moonless night. 

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