Owner Reese Haley Answers Your Questions

What does outdoor lighting cost?

The cost of outdoor lighting varies from project to project. We meet with our clients to craft a design and then put together an estimate for approval. Sometimes a client will ask us to set a test light before installation so that they can get a sense of the effect of a particular fixture and lamp combination. We even have clients who decide to tweak a design or add more lights during an installation. The bottom line is that the cost of your outdoor lighting will reflect your priorities as we work together to create your one-of-a-kind home showcase.

What are some of the problems of having outdoor lighting?

Landscape maintenance is the main source of damage to outdoor ground lighting. Dramatic tree lighting will often require a lift to make a repair. And of course, as with anything else, failing to properly maintain your outdoor lighting will result in the need for more costly repairs.

Ground Lighting versus Moonlighting?

Ground lighting is showcasing key elements — a certain tree, sculpture or architectural detail — of your home or commercial property. Moonlighting is achieving that subtle glow you would have on a clear night with a full moon  — it’s just enough light shining through trees, and shadowing branches, — and we make it so that you have it every night! Moonlighting does take a little bit more maintenance due to the growth of trees. At least once a year, you will want to have the strapping of the wire from the tree adjusted. Ground lighting maintenance generally involves cleaning calcium buildup from fixtures and lenses.

Why Should I Choose Hardwire Lighting over Solar Lighting?

Hardwired low-voltage lighting offers a much broader range of fixtures and lamps (think color temperature and beam span) than solar lighting, so the possibilities of lighting effects are much greater. With the salt air, 90% of the time we are using a brass or copper hard-wired fixture. Solar lighting does not have that ability yet. Large tree canopies, as with Live Oaks, may hinder light from reaching the battery of a solar fixture. With Moonlighting, a solar fixture just cannot give you the punch you need to penetrate tree canopy to the ground. Good outdoor lighting means you see the light, not the fixture. You just are not going to be able to achieve this with solar lighting, where batteries must be exposed to the sun. Finally, with hard-wired low-voltage lighting, timers and photo cells can be utilized to control when lights turn on and off.

Are we the best?

Why choose Full Moon Lighting? I feel like we’re the best at outdoor lighting design and installation because we are constantly pushing the envelope on what can be achieved with appropriate lighting to meet client expectations. We are constantly educating ourselves, looking for better materials, better fixtures to work with, constantly looking at different LED manufacturers. We are a part of an amazing organization that is specific for outdoor lighting professionals, and this separates us locally. I am a licensed electrical contractor in the state of Georgia, so we can ensure all of our lighting and electrical is up to code and up to all of the NEC safety standards. We take our installations and our designs very seriously.

Feel free to reach out to us by chat or phone, or by emailing Reese directly, with any questions you may have about lighting — outdoor or indoor, tree or ground — installation and maintenance. 
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