10 Fall Landscape Lighting Pro Tips

Families often spend less time outdoors during the winter months. When they are outside, it may be dark. They need to ensure there is adequate lighting for different purposes. The following fall landscape lighting tips ensure a person knows what to look for as the seasons change. 

Highlight Fall Features

Many people have a firepit in the backyard that allows them to spend time outdoors when the temperature drops. Ensure there is adequate landscape lighting around this feature with the help of Full Moon Lighting and Electrical LLC. 

Soft lighting is enough to provide illumination for guests making their way to this feature. Allow the fire to serve as the focal point and the lighting to be a backdrop. 

Move to Low Voltage LED Lights

Replace existing halogen lights with LED versions. This will save money while ensuring the property is lit properly. Although LED lights cost more at the time of purchase, the homeowner recoups this money in savings on their energy bills each month. 

LED lights don’t need much maintenance, and cold weather won’t damage them. In addition, LED lights are safer when the leaves start to fall. They won’t catch the leaves on fire if the two come in contact. 

Install Lights in Trees

What better way is there to highlight the beauty of falling leaves at night than uplighting? These lights illuminate the trunks of the trees and warm them while making the property appear calm and relaxing. The shadows created by the combination of leaves and lights will further enhance the mood. Many people find moonlighting in Georgia ideal for their property.

Install a Timer

Make the most of the lighting scheme by installing a timer. Doing so ensures the property is light during the night hours while making certain these same lights go off when they are no longer needed. 

Most timers today offer a setting that will automatically turn landscape lights on at dusk and off after an established period. Set the timer to meet the needs of the household. This ensures there is always light when someone comes home after dark or leaves in the early morning hours before the sun comes up. 

Create Depth

Install lights in multiple layers to create depth in the landscape. Many people, for instance, use a single spotlight to highlight an outdoor feature. Using multiple lights at different angles adds elegance to the feature. 

However, don’t overdo it with the lights. Installing too many lights leads to a landscape that appears cluttered. In addition, the property may appear lit up as if it is daytime when a homeowner overdoes it with the lights. 

Install String Lights

String lights are ideal for entertaining or decorating the home. These lights add a soft touch and can be used under umbrellas and canopies or as a guide for people crossing the property. A person may also wish to install them between the home and a landscape feature. 

Color-Changing Lights

Color-changing lights brighten a monochromatic landscape. When the leaves have fallen or snow is on the ground, everything begins to look the same regardless of where one looks. The color-changing lights can provide different lighting effects. 

For example, red lights give off the illusion of firelight when a person sees them from a distance. Blue and green lights are often used to enhance the color of the foliage. Choose a single light or allow the lights to change colors regularly. Either option will illuminate the property and ensure it looks its best. 

Routine Maintenance

Examine existing lights to be certain they work properly. Replace any non-functioning bulbs and install new lights where needed. Fall is the perfect time to do so, as nobody wants to be outside fixing lights when the temperature drops dramatically. Call for light installation prior to the winter months arriving when help is needed with this task. 

Invest in Task Lighting

Certain tasks must be completed during the winter months. Ensure there is ample light to complete these tasks safely. Spend time at night around the property to see where additional lights might be needed and install them before the cold arrives. 

Work with a professional to ensure the outdoor lighting is perfect for the fall months. The right lighting increases the safety of all who use the property while enhancing the curb appeal. The professional can help any property owner achieve this goal easily. 

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